Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Another Taster for you to try

If you go to the page, More tasters from SA (Struggling Authors) you will see a new one from Reg R Jones . the book is entitled 'Division of the Damned' and is a war time Fantasy. Well worth a read. Check it out.
 The second Geoffrey Summers book is now at the publishers and will be available by Christmas, Dare I suggest it would make a good present for the crime thriller enthusiast?  It's called 'A Time for Crying' and you can read an extract on the page  About A Time for Crying.  Go on, have a read, you never know you may like it. There are some more authentic places in the book (as in 'A Time for Crying'), not so many this time but maybe one of them is not too far away from you. More details on that at a later stage.

For now, take care and stay safe.

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