Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A Change

Regular visitors will notice a change to my blog by the inclusion of two new pages. Both contain an excerpt from one of the four books of Colt.  The first two, A Time for Living and A Time for Crying  (This will be available through Amazon and all leading bookstores in approx three weeks).are now published and the other two, 'A Time for Dying' and an entirely new concept for me.'Billy ' are both in the 'work in progress' category. I would ask, that visitors to the site read the sample excerpts, particularly that of 'Billy' I would love to hear your comments on this new piece of writing, especially as it is not my usual genre Please leave any comments ( good or bad) by clicking on the word 'comment' below. You are then given the opportunity of sending me a message. Please take advantage and tell me what you think about this site, my books and anything else you can think of. They will be sent to me personally when I can decide whether they can be published on this page.  Thank you for taking the trouble to read my diatribe.


  1. Hi Colin
    This is a brilliant piece of work. Keep at it - I was left wondering what this 'boot camp' holds for Billy....
    I see he reports to Wiltshire on my birthday !!!
    ironic :-)

  2. I know i'm biased cos we love you to bits but this is brilliant, can't wait to get hold of the completed copy. Keep up the hard work, we're so very proud of you

  3. I'm hooked!! Sounds like another brilliant COLT adventure, can't wait to get a copy, keep up the incredible work Colin! X