Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A Time for Crying

Sincere apologies for not updating my home page but I have been busy rewriting and editing the next book in the Geoffrey Summers series ' A Time for Crying' which will now be available for Christmas. If you are looking for a unique present then why not order 'A Time for Crying'  at Amazon. (NOT YET)  'I'll let you know when, but you can consider it and tick it off on your list, especially if you have read 'A Time for Living'. If not I suggest you get that NOW, once again through Amazon to keep you up to date with the series. It is also available through ALL good booksellers. You can get a sneak preview of  'A Time for Crying' on this site. Just go to  'About a Time for Crying' and read the "Prologue".   For those really interested in the series, and there must be some somewhere, 'A Time for Dying' has already been started and basic details will be on this site in a couple of weeks. In the next few weeks I will be introducing Geoffrey Summers in more detail with facts not recorded in any of the books.  Don't miss out, keep popping into this site.You'll enjoy the tasters and if you like the tasters you'll love the books.

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