Monday, 27 September 2010

The Shropshire Union canal The last "bit"

Before I begin, just a reminder that " The Taster" is still available for you to read. A full chapter from the book 'A Time for Living'                  
                       'If you like the taster you'll love the book'

Although, in the book, Sam and Josh had not the time to stop here, The Bridge Inn at Brewood is a must for all you travellers whether by boat or car    Debbie always provides a smile and a welcome to everyone who wishes to enjoy the best in food and beers. The constant guest beers will delight your pallette and the excellent food from an extensive menu will tickle your taste buds. Don't take my word for it, try for yourself the next time you are in the area.

The last Inn on the 'Time for Living ' trip is an Inn that is very close to my heart. I have spent many hours enjoying the company, food and drink at the Junction Inn, Norbury, as I am sure many other canal lovers have. This a busy and popular rural pub. A large, comfortable bar decorated with canal prints and ceramics. Under the low beam roof is a hand painted mural of an old canal working horse. The Junction Inn has a restaurant and a well maintained beer garden where you can eat and drink of the best whilst watching the canal life. Unfortunately in the book, Josh and Sam could not enjoy the delights of the Inn as they were whisked away to prevent an assassination (theirs). I must emphasise that this is not the normal welcome at the Junction Inn.
If you haven't yet read the book, these articles will give you some idea of the journey from London by canal. The book is a romantic thriler with, I hope, a true taste of the life on the canals of England, and the many places of interest with atmosphere and style that you will never meet anywhere else in the world.
I hope you've enjoyed this series, next week will be something completely new.  

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Introducing The "Taster"

Before buying a book some people like to read a line or a paragraph from the book to 'taste' it. Now there is a 'taster' of the book  A Time for Living   A complete Chapter which will not leave you 'hanging in the air,' or saying, 'Now I have to buy the book to find out what happens next.' It's a complete story within the novel.
Go to The "Taster" page , read and enjoy. Of course I would still like to hear you say, 'I must buy this book.'
The opportunity to do so will be available.  "If you like the taster, you'll love the book"

Normal service will be resumed in a few days but the "taster" will remain.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Reviews and the Shropshire Union

Last week I said that I would be concentrating on the Shropshire Union canal.  Before getting on to that, may I just add a few words about the reviews 'A Time for Living' has received this last week. During the last couple of weeks people have obviously bought the book and sent me comments. Thank you for all the wonderful things you have said about it and to answer all your queries. The next book in the series, 'A Time for Crying' will be published and available for Christmas this year. Special thanks to Pam of Warwick who commented "this book should be a best seller" Thanks for that Pam,( I wish) 

Thanks also to all-review,co,uk a Book Review site who carried out a review of the book.   Extracts include -' Colt has merged many qualities into this gem of a read. Thrilling, mysterious, romantic and factual are some of the traits that could be used to describe it'  - 'You are kept on the edge of anticipation' - 'This book is an excellent and well written story. with thrilling action,cleverly thought out plots and an endearing tale. A must read, which I hope leads on to the next.'  The full review can be read on the sites of and

Now for The Shropshire Union canal. one of the public houses I mention, although not in any great detail, is the Anchor Inn.  A pub in the middle of nowhere. Run by the same family for more than a century, and little has changed in that time. Sit in the garden of the Anchor and drink real ale still brought up from the cellar in jugs, listen to the the birds and the silence that you can only find in such a location as this.  Behind the Anchor is a Camping and Caravan site with hook-ups for the caravans. This Inn has won many awards for it's 'real ale'

The second one today is The Navigation Inn, at Gnosall. A public house with a reputation for great food.
The Inn stands on the edge of the canal on the Newport Road. The atomsphere is relaxed and informal. The service cheerful and efficient. The menu is extensive with food to delight all palletes in it's six pages of choices.  You dine in a large conservatory with views across the garden to the canal. Many visitors come by car to dine at the Navigation whilst other come by boat.  Whatever your mode of transport you can be sure you will enjoy your visit to this canalside venue.
 That's it for this week. As usual comments are welcomed although I can't guarantee they will be published. (it's all down to space) but they will all be answered personally.

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Monday, 6 September 2010

Warwick and Willenhall

Warwick is the place (in the book) where Josh and Samantha meet Richard Sharpe of MI5 Counter terrorism. It's the place where Sam and Josh make an alarming discovery before rambling along to The Cape of Good Hope. 
 Built in the year 1800 this is a true canal pub, being situated some few feet from the canal. A pub where "real ale" is sold from six casks of different beer. The pub menu specialises  in fish (not from the canal) and you can relax, eat and drink  in a warm and inviting atmosphere. For the wine connoisseur there is an extensive wine list.
There is a painting in the rear lounge that explains the story of the name The Cape of Good Hope

From Warwick the narrow boat "Princess"  makes it's way to the Birmingham Navigation canal where a lot of action and dying takes place. I'm not going to expand on the thrilling adventures and conclusion of their travels on the Birmingham waterways, you will have to buy the book to find out those details   I will move on to one of the prettiest canals in the country, The Shrophire Union canal. I say that, because for many years I travelled this canal and enjoyed the different seasons that makes the waterway system so great.

The next restaurant is one that is not on  the canal system but nevertheless deserves a mention (and it is in the book) The Dale House Restaurant at Willenhall, near Wolverhampton. An 18th century town house with original doors and  locally made locks. 
The restaurant is located on two floors with the upper floor hosting its own bar.The cuisine is excellent and the friendly atmosphere helps to dispel the ghost that occasionally walks the upper landing. For lovers of food and good wine this is the place to visit.

That's it for another week, next time  the article will be devoted to the Shropshire Union and the wonderful pubs that line its banks.  As ever, feel free to comment and if you like the articles, buy the book, please. You will make us all very happy. Incidentally, since this site opened less than two months ago some 792 views have been recorded. Thanks a lot.