More Tasters from SA

Tasters enable you to get a taste of the book before considering buying, or you may just want to browse.
Below are some of the books by Struggling Authors that you may wish to check out. There are books for all 'tastes'.     Remember,   if you like the taster, you'll love the book

The Eye of Erasmus by Teresa Geering
A Romantic Fantasy,   A tale of a time travelling lover who finds his true love in a future life
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Division of the Damned by Reg R. Jones
January 1944.Reichsmarshal Heinrich Himmler sends SS Standartenf├╝hrer Markus VonStruck on a mission to Transylvania that could bring the Third Reichback from the cusp of destruction; unaware that its success will inevitably lead to the ruin and enslavement of all humankind.Von Struck returns from Transylvania determined to end what he helped begin. With a small force of ten men armed only with silver swords stolen from Himmler’s castle at Wewelsburg and The Book of Blood, anancient tome given to him by a renegade Teutonic Knight, they set off to face the Dracyl and his vampire army.
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Descending by Catherine Chisnall
Emily is a lonely, disillusioned . teaching assistant at a College of Further Education. Jamie is a neglected unpredicatble student. Trapped together in a falling lift, wherever will this lead.
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