Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Introducing Geoffrey Summers

For those of you unfortunate people who have not taken the opportunity to purchase the book 'A Time for Living'. Let me introduce you to the main protaginist of the 'A Time for ..... series'
Geoffrey Summers was born in New York City when Laurence Hardy was there, attending a 'writers convention'
It all came about when an American who had invented a security device, mainly for art works, said that it was 100% guaranteed and that no-one could beat it. If they did he would pay one million dollars.
The device had been attached to the frame of a valuable painting. Any movement whatsoever of the device would trigger an alarm. Steel shutters would drop on all doors and windows throughout the building and the local police would be informed automatically. The device worked on a radio signal, the frequency of which varied according to the time of day and was altered automatically every two hours. There were thousands of combinations involved. Summers attended the opening of the event and saw that the painting was displayed in an alcove. A soptlight illuminated it and there were two cctv cameras always watching. All other security measures were considered unnecessary. Using a laser measuring device and checking on the routines of the gallery. Summers devised a plan. Crates delivered to the gallery late friday afternoons were placed in a storeroom until Monday morning.  He used this subterfuge to gain entry to the gallery over the weekend with all the requirements in the packing case.  He disabled the cctv cameras by placing a small transmitter transmitting a picure of the room to the securuty office. He stuck wooden batten on the walls of the alcove about two inches from the back wall ( clearing the picure frame) From the packing case he produced a fold up section that fitted across the battens creatiing a false wall. A picture hook was placed on the wall and the spotlight moved  back a couple of inches. To all apearances it seemd that the picture had been stolen. On Monday morning he removed the transmitter from the cctv cameras showing the blank wall, telephoned the security company and asked them to bring the million dollars and he would return the painting. They paid the money and asked for the painting back. Summers gave them a hammer and pointed to the wall. When they turned around Summers had gone. That's the basic story, told in less than the one thousand five hundred words needed for the original.  Any comments regarding any of the procedures will be answered if you find the story unbelievable.  Meanwhie  you can catch up with Summers in a later adventure if you read The Taster and remember If you like the taster you'll love the book

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