Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The End of the Road

The journey by canal boat ended at Norbury Junction, as in the book 'A Time for Living'   
I have been pleasantly surprised by E mails from some of the places mentioned on this blog during the last few weeks  It would seem that readers of the book and blog have actually visited .some of the pubs and tasted the ales.  Well done. At least something has come out of the hard work  ( Stops to mop brow)
If any readers goes anywhere near any of the places featured here over the last few weeks, then pop in, mention my name and the book. You never know, you may get a free drink.
I have also received many comments about the next book in the series. Well, I can now tell you that the book 'A Time for Crying' will be published and be available before Christmas. Watch this space for more details, and you can read an excerpt on the page 'A Time for Crying'

Finally, may I draw your attention to the tasters offered by myself and other struggling authors. In the next few days you will see another taster for free from another struggling author. Check them out and remember
                If you like the taster you'll love the book

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