Sunday, 1 August 2010

Women Today

From the title of this weeks blog you may think I am going to be disparaging about women. Far from the truth, I love all women, including my wife, amend that last line, especially my wife  Looking through the TV times today I noticed yet again that Films, TV shows and sitcoms reflect the asttitudes and opinions of the day. Let me explain . Being as old as I am I can remember a time when women ruled the world. Not officially of course, but they were the power behind the leaders of the world and were revered, adored, admired and respected by all the male population ( there were minor exceptions of course, but then there always was) Remember, men walked on the outside of the pavement so that the ladies dresses wouldn't get muddy from the passing carts. Holywood films always showed the car stopping, the man getting out and going round to the passenger door, opening it for the lady and assisting her out of the car. Women were showered with diamonds, furs and the latest dresses(When we could afford it of course) and in the home, women were the bosses.My mother, God bless her. was the model for the character of Norah Batty in 'Last of the Summer Wine' My aunt was the person they based 'Mrs Bucket' of 'Keeping up appearances'
My other aunt was the mother in 'Bread' These sit coms were true to life and reflected women's role in society and the attitudes of that generation. Look at a TV show today. You have a quiz where two people  work together to amass a large sum of money and then cheat like mad so that the other person doesn't get any.  See what I mean. No, women were the rulers and then came "Equality",  burn the bra brigade,.and women gained a new freedom and lost all the ones that made them great   'Sex in the City' another example of the attitudes today. Such a shame. Men stopped proposing and started propositioning. The terms 'wives and husbands' became politically incorrect and the word 'partner' was substituted.
I am pleased to say that in my house, I am the boss. I make all the major decisions like should we bring back capital punishment, should we pull out ofAfghanistan whereas I allow my wife to make the minor ones, like, what should we spend our money on? where are we going for our holidays and where are we going to live? Yesterday, for example I allowed my wife to take me to the last day of the sales to buy some much needed clothes. We came back with two summer dresses. No, I am the boss in my house and now I'll have to leave this blog to get back to my writing. I just have to wash the dishes first and iron a couple of shirts.

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  1. I hope your wife and sister-in-law gave you permission to say that!!

    Looking forward to our whiskies!!

  2. Great post Colt, still laughing at the decision making in your house :-)

  3. It's all true!

    My 'partner' must be a relative of your dear wife. I've found that whenever I make decisions on my own they invariably turn out to be wrong and I have to call in the peacekeepers.

    Struggling Authors

  4. That was brilliant Colt and oh so true.