Friday, 6 August 2010

Authentic places in 'A Time for Living'

Since the book 'A Time for Living ' was launched just over one month ago I have had a few comments regarding the places mentioned in the book. Particularly those that line the banks of the Grand Union canal.
Accordingly I have decided that a picture of the establishments, for those people who have read or are reading the book, or are even contemplating buying the book (please) may help them to put that little bit of reallity into it's place.
The first restaurant/ pub mentioned in the book is The Malt Shovel, at Cowley. (Page 134)  A 19th century building, where two of the main characters enjoy an evening meal. You will have to read the book to find our more about the place, but a picture may help.(Opposite)
There are many such places along the canal where you may visit and be sure of a warm welcome. Whether travelling by boat on the canal or just a visitor to the area. In summer the tranquility and sight of the pleasure boats moored or passing the The Malt Shovel will be a memory you can treasure.
The next place mentioned in the book is Stoke Bruerne, a small village with a big following. Here there are two public houses and a Canal Museum. This a very popular place for visitors of both the canal variety or tourists. The first public house The Navigation Inn is mentioned on pages 143 and 152. A picture of the Inn is opposite.
More pictures and details of the many establishments mentioned in the book will be posted during the next few weeks.
If you would like to make a comment on these places or on any other aspect of the book then please don't hesitate. Left click on the word comment at the bottom left of this page and you can make a comment in the place provided. All comments will be approved before posting.
Now let's have lots of them.


  1. An enjoyable read. I've had many a pint in The Navigation.


  2. Perhaps you could make a deal with these establishments that they stock your book?
    It can only be good for their business to be named in a novel, surely?

  3. I'm with Reg on that one Colin as it all makes good PR for your book and their pub.