Monday, 26 July 2010

Another Summer

We're just coming up to the "sillyseason' in my little town by the sea. The population more than quadruples during the next few weeks. The sound of the dreaded "extranjeros'  (foreigners) reverberates through the day and night. Little girls sceaming as little boys chase them around the swimmimg day (Up to about 11 pm)  then the night is taken over by the noisy "night imbiber".  Cans of frothy liquid are consumed along with the sound of the radio, disc player or 'singing' and splashes as someone is thrown into a swimming pool yet again.  Cars from around the world invade the streets and roads. From Holland, Belgium,France, Sweden.Norway, Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Poland, you name the country, we get them. All driving on the right side of the road, except,of course for the English.  Since the Spaniards doscovered round -a- bouts they started appearing everywhere. The only trouble is tht English drivers tend to drive the wrong way round them which causes a little confusion.  Ah well, such is the quality of life. At this tine the usual tranquil driver becomes deranged and insults (in all languages) are hurled from the driving seats of cars.
The question of which side of the road we should drive on has always been a difficult question. I heard that the Irish have been considering  a system wherby they do a gradual changeover. The first month all lorries will drive on the opposite side of the road, if it successful the following month all cars will do the same. until gradually all vehicles are driving on the same side.
 The only good thing about this time of the year is the beach, where thousands of young people congregate to pay homage to to the great "sun" lord in the sky.
Clothes are tossed carelessly aside and bosums bared.. Heart attacks are common along the sea front at this time of year when the pensionista walk the promenade.  Hey! Ho1 here we go for another couple of crazy months.
 ps   Hope you enjoy your holidays
pps My neighbour says , and I quote, 'If it's the tourist season why can't we shoot them?'


  1. About the 'bosums' - pics or we don't believe you!


  2. I'm not allowed to wear my spectacles when walking on the sea front. My wife says it's for my benefit. Sorry