Monday, 6 September 2010

Warwick and Willenhall

Warwick is the place (in the book) where Josh and Samantha meet Richard Sharpe of MI5 Counter terrorism. It's the place where Sam and Josh make an alarming discovery before rambling along to The Cape of Good Hope. 
 Built in the year 1800 this is a true canal pub, being situated some few feet from the canal. A pub where "real ale" is sold from six casks of different beer. The pub menu specialises  in fish (not from the canal) and you can relax, eat and drink  in a warm and inviting atmosphere. For the wine connoisseur there is an extensive wine list.
There is a painting in the rear lounge that explains the story of the name The Cape of Good Hope

From Warwick the narrow boat "Princess"  makes it's way to the Birmingham Navigation canal where a lot of action and dying takes place. I'm not going to expand on the thrilling adventures and conclusion of their travels on the Birmingham waterways, you will have to buy the book to find out those details   I will move on to one of the prettiest canals in the country, The Shrophire Union canal. I say that, because for many years I travelled this canal and enjoyed the different seasons that makes the waterway system so great.

The next restaurant is one that is not on  the canal system but nevertheless deserves a mention (and it is in the book) The Dale House Restaurant at Willenhall, near Wolverhampton. An 18th century town house with original doors and  locally made locks. 
The restaurant is located on two floors with the upper floor hosting its own bar.The cuisine is excellent and the friendly atmosphere helps to dispel the ghost that occasionally walks the upper landing. For lovers of food and good wine this is the place to visit.

That's it for another week, next time  the article will be devoted to the Shropshire Union and the wonderful pubs that line its banks.  As ever, feel free to comment and if you like the articles, buy the book, please. You will make us all very happy. Incidentally, since this site opened less than two months ago some 792 views have been recorded. Thanks a lot.

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